by Beauty and the Rat

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released February 26, 2016



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Beauty and the Rat Iași, Romania

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Track Name: Spiders In My Bed
It's written on my forehead
That I'm not supposed to feel alive
My baby doesn't know me
Give me a glass so I can dive

I can't go on
The spiders have surrounded me
I can't go on
The spiders are all over me

Not very disappointed
I don't care if you don't mind
Outrageously disabled
The time has come to say goodbye
Track Name: Believe
Down on my knees, praise the sunburn
I showed you respect, now it's your turn
Just for an hour, feel my hunger

Don't wanna believe in you
Don't wanna have faith in you

Please get down to me from your throne
They told me that someday you will come
Just for an hour, feel my hunger

Knives full of greed and destruction
Cutting my dreams, full of passion
Just for an hour, feel my hunger

Don't wanna believe in you
Don't wanna have faith in you
Track Name: Bleed Me
The moon is dead and it's so harmful inside
Your heart and I would like to taste your red wine
Betray my intentions and have some more pie
Until your belly's full and you start to cry

You bleed your friends because you're just a leech
You keep on whining that your life is a bitch
You'd better live or your life's just a trip
Your hands are full
And you can't get a grip

I feel so anxious not to spend some more time
My empty pockets got to cry for a dime
The streets are shallow, I feel better inside
Because it's safer not to care if you die
Track Name: Cigarette Burn
I am trapped inside your eyes
You used your skills so goddamn wise
My heart is melting, yours is cool
You are the queen and I'm the fool

You drink and laugh with all your friends
Your body's groped by idle hands
That ice cold look on your sweet face
It turns me into someone else

Who wanted to see
How low I can go?
Who wants a piece of me?
'Cause I'm ready to blow
Track Name: Phrases
Let's kill the lights
And sympathize
So take my hand
And improvise

Would you be my little angel?

How does it feel?
When I'm not here?
Do you bite your lips
And rip the sheets?

You picked me up
From the dirt
You killed my pain
When I was hurt

In my arms
You feel secure
Of all the disease
You are so cured
Track Name: At the End
After all these years I feel undone
Crying out my pain
No more smiling when I'm coming home
Walking in the rain
I'm too far gone to look behind
Or maybe it's just that I am blind
No more hiding behind my tears
After all these years

At the end we get what we all deserve
There is nothing left for us to preserve
I've been dancing with my faith
And I filled myself with hate, oh

Lost in space and time I'm always drunk
I can't find my way
All I know is that your eyes are young
They're asking me to stay
Maybe I'll stay a day or two
'Til I get too sick of you
And then I'll leave, maybe I'll find my way
I've gotta get away
Track Name: Lake of False Desire
Making shelter of a seashell
I was trying to remember when
I began to stand

Glowing remains of human nature
Keep on wondering when we have stopped to
Forgive the condemned

Swimming in the lake
Of sorrow and despair
The teasing of the flame
There's nothing to compare

No affection, no compassion
Between brothers and we ask ourselves why
We are so alone

No more flowers, no more blue sky
It is time to sail away from home
To the lake of false desire
Track Name: Pretend
Try to rest,
Try to bend
Cause you'll never
Try to reach
Mountain high
Try to run
Try to hide

Break the boundaries
Lose your control
They've got your mind but
They don't have your soul
The tears are drying
Take care of your sores
The time has come
For you to break all their laws

Say the words
In your head
Close your eyes
And pretend
You should give it a try
And your dreams shall not die
Track Name: Smiling Sun
I saw the fallen angels
Feeding with their broken wings
The sky is almost happy
The land is dark and full of greed

My soul starts to bleed
My eyes start to cry
All I got left is the hope that I die

It's been a while, my darling
Since I have seen the smiling sun
The screaming trees are burning
Our special night is free to come
Track Name: Inside
I can't let your hatred
Hunt me down and chew my soul
I don't know, and I don't care
What the fuck is your goal

You find that very satisfying
To make me feel so goddamn low
It isn't that you got me
It is just that I like to go

You can't see me inside
You can not hurt me inside
You can not know what is like
To feel nothing inside

And now let's face it
It is all about your greed
Nothing really touches me
This is pain for you and your breed

You find that very satisfying
To make me feel so goddamn low
It isn't that you got me
It is just that I like to go
Track Name: In Treason I Fall
I am living under pressure
Can't explain the pain you've measured
There is nothing underneath
No more secrets I can keep
I don't need a lucky clover
I just want this to be over
I just want to fall asleep
In your sheets, but they aren't cheap

Making noise so they can hear me
Wave my hands so they can see me
I will lose the summer heat
They steal my time and bury me
Stick around and I won't mention
Of your dark and cruel intentions
Your empty eyes are stabbing me
Your hungry lips are bleeding me

I'm crossing the line (don't try to stop me)
I'm crossing the line (don't try to hold me)
No reason, in treason, I fall
Track Name: All Alone
Craving for affection
Wasting too much time
Losing my direction
No need to wonder why

Useless medication
Fill my mind with lies
Poor communication
My heart is compromised

All alone
All I am
On my own
All I'll be: a pile of bones
My despair, the shame grows

Slightly touched by sadness
I recognize myself
I embrace the madness
I am me again

You don't understand me
And this world of mine
Tonight the door is closing
And you won't get inside

All alone
All I am
On my own
All I'll be: a pile of bones
My despair, the shame grows
Track Name: Out of This World
Is your mind out of this world
Or maybe just a disease?
Is your language out of this world?
Or maybe it's just a sneeze?

Is your smile out of this world?
Or maybe just a tease?
Is your breath out of this world?
Or maybe it's just a breeze?

You destroy what's good in me
To feel alive
You suck the life out of me
To feel alive
You caught me, so drain me